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yoga wear inspired by life




No snaps, hooks or buttons in the crotch.
No more moving to the side.
PirateFlo leotards are designed to provide Ultimate efficiency, style and proficiency.
In and out the studio.

Simply pull back and down as you sit when needed.


Modal's distinguishing characteristics are it's extra softness, high absorbability and strength coefficient.

It is made from sustainably harvested beech trees.

By wearing natural fabrics you are saying NO to the oil industry.

You make a change.

what people say about us

"the fit is amazing, it feels like it was cut exactly for my body:) and the material is a perfect cottony feel, so incredibly comfortable:)" Stephanie @freediveyoga 

"pirateflo has these wonderful one pieces that were designed for practicing yoga in! All in all i'm very stoked on these one pieces and would highly recommend for practicing inversion in." Laura Jane @theinversionaddic

"I'm loving it! So comfy! I wore it all day! First under a skirt, then shorts, then nothing! LOL" Amanda Tanner @themuscleboundyogi

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